Mark Boyarsky Photographer

Guys / Парни

in russia the idea of tolerance is still not considered to be something serious. there are loads of more up-to-date problems, such as freedom of speech, poverty of people, corruption, lies of the government, nationalistic movement, etc. but right to be what you are is something only a few people lacks — people, who have to fight for being themselves. and transsexuals know, how hard it is to come into open. there is no such a law to change your documents in a normal way, even if you have done a lot on you path.
my series is devoted to ftm transsexuals. it took me nearly two years to find 20 guys, who agreed to take part in my project. it is real, that they all took risk. they are at different phases of transformation, some are already married, done all the operations, some having their surgeries soon. but they all know what it is like — to choose what you are. and to take all the difficulties.